"UNKNOWN are damn good.(...)I´m looking forward to some new stuff by them."
J.C.Monteiro / Dark Oath Magazine / Portugal

I´m very impressed."
Haydn Black / The Aether Sanctum / Australia


"UNKNOWN hat mir auf Anhieb am besten gefallen."
Andreas Bugiel / Radio Decay / Germany


"CD der Woche...UNKNOWN: Demo CD"
Andreas Bugiel / Sur-Face Magazin 07.09.1999


"Die Demo CD ist einfach sehr gut, bester Track ist `Holy War` und das ruhigere `Sometimes` sind phantastische Ohrwürmer. Sollte die Debut-CD ähnlich klingen wird man von UNKNOWN in Zukunft noch sehr viel hören. Momentan noch der Geheimtip schlechthin !! Bewertung von 10: Musik (10), Gesang (9), Klang (9)"
Andreas Bugiel / Sur-Face Magazin


"Superp programming and production make this a delight to listen to and I am eagerly awaiting the band´s full lenght debut."
Dan Hinds / The Plague Magazine / USA


"They are really cool !!!"
Javier y Pablo Iglesias / Belio Magazine / Spain


"I just received the UNKNOWN promo CD and it sounds very good."
Luca de Santis / Ver Sacrum Magazine / Italy


"Check out UNKNOWN anyway, they´re very good."
Darryl Litts / IN_FACTION Magazine / USA


"UNKNOWN...I was at Zillo Festival where they play. It was a good concert, full of energy."
Albert Pavia / Sturm und Drang Magazine / Spain


"We liked very much UNKNOWN. They have a really powerful sound and they are very professional.(...) this band will have a big success because of their crossover between different styles."
Paloma Terleia & Alfonso Cuenca / Escalera sin peldanos Radioshow / Spain


"Sehr geil !"
Frank Lühr / Radio Beefhead / Germany


"We think that the evolution of UNKNOWN is incredible, (...), the new material is really great and different."
Pablo & Javier Iglesias / Belio Magazine / Spain


"I´m so very surprised with UNKNOWN ..."
Rafa Cros Gutirrez / La Hora de la Muerta Radioshow / Spain


"I am currently listening to it, and I do not doubt that I will play it soon and often."
Pierre Gerard / Ptanéte Indie Radioshow / Belgium


"Very impressed. Very good stuff !"
Sam Bradford / Radio Free Abattoir / U.K.


"They are an awesome band !"
Tate Bengton / Industrial Radioshow / Canada


"I just picked the UNKNOWN promo CD and I am very impressed with it, I am enjoying the sound and the way everything has been put together."
Gordon Taylor / Infectious Unease Radioshow / Australia


"I love it. It will make excellent dancefloor music at the club"
James Lowry / Radio Promoter / Australia

Sept.´99 "THE PLAGUE"-Webzine (USA) :


My info on this German(?) outfit is sketchy at best, but the three tracks on this demo are very impressive and worth mentioning.

Combining elements from electro-industrial, goth, classical and even metal, Unknown have arrived at a rich, dark sound that is mammoth. Imagine a cross between the more melodic, later-day Skinny Puppy, Fortification 55, And One and Delerium and you will have some idea what to expect. Big, sweeping synths, lush strings, groovy rhythms, clean male vocals and some well-placed metal guitar all make up the Unknown sound. The band keep the tempo slow throughout, but never let the arrangments drag.

Superb programming and production make this a delight to listen to and I am eagerly awaiting the band´s full-length debut. More info: Bcentric@aol.com

[Daniel Hinds]